Tracks Of The Week


This week’s musical highlights were created in the traditional way. Malted barley was soaked in hot water, then it’s sugary residue was boiled with hops. Yeast was added to ferment the liquid, which was booted into a recording studio and not allowed to leave until they’d produced something worthy of inclusion on a weekly round-up. You know, the usual.

MEWITHOUTYOU – Red Cow & Dorothy
This double video from the spiritually inclined Philadelphia band sees Aaron Weiss’ charges at the very top of their game, merging heartfelt melody with restrained rage, and an ever holy eye for visual wonderment. One (well, two) of their best songs to date.

SWANS – Love Will Save You
A relatively mellow one from Swans’ 1991 record, White Light From The Mouth Of Reality, which is getting a reissue in December, but which, almost 25 years later, remains just as powerful and moving.

RADKEY – Glore
Missouri trio of siblings Radkey offer up a glorious and psychedelic claymation video for their newest single, taken from debut album Dark Black Makeup. It’s a bit like watching ‘Celebrity Death Match’, but, if you can believe it, even better.

FIDLAR – Drone
Punk rock for indie kids it might be, but there’s no denying how catchy and infectious this latest single from FIDLAR’s recently released second album is. A middle finger of a tune.

This latest video from one of Philadelphia’s finest offers up a day in the life of a coffee mug. Which is much more interesting than it sounds, especially given the awesome song that soundtracks it.

A full-throttle blast of breakneck melodic hardcore, this track is taken from the Los Angeles hardcore band’s fourth album, Dear Youth. The video details a disturbing trip into infidelity and instability as unsettling as the song itself.