Tracks Of The Week


This week’s selection is equal parts breathless exhilaration, loud noises, excitable shouting and topped off with a pending sense of gloom – much like a wet afternoon spent in a bustling seaside town amusement arcade.

Whenever Australia’s Violent Soho go away, it’s for too long. This new song, from their as-yet-untitled forthcoming fourth album, starts off quiet and tender, before igniting into a fireball of raucous rock’n’roll with their trademark grungey undertones. Simultaneously joyous yet melancholy, it’s the perfect song to dance to as the world goes up in flames around you – or vice-versa, if you watch the video.

Moody metalcore mixed with pop-punk, this new song from Speaking The King’s (yes, the apostrophe is meant to be there) shows just how adept the Orange County band are mixing styles that probably shouldn’t go together together. A dark and dangerous taste of forthcoming album Carousel.

PITY SEX – What Might Soothe You?
It would be such a shame if Pity Sex sucked, because their name is so good. Thankfully, the four-piece from Michigan live up to the awesomeness of their moniker, as does this gloomy track, the first single to be taken from their second album, which is due for release some time next year.

For over a decade now, The Saddest Landscape have been one of the most underrated and underappreciated hardcore/scream bands around, pouring all of their heart and soul into their urgent, intense and emotionally harrowing song. This foreboding and intense song, from forthcoming fifth album Darkness Forgives, is no different. Oh, and its equally intense video was shot on a bus.

DAVID GILMOUR – The Girl In The Yellow Dress
When you’re the guitarist/vocalist of Pink Floyd, you can pretty much do whatever you want – including delving into laid-back, softly swinging lounge jazz. That’s exactly what David Gilmour has done with this sultry number (whose lyrics were penned by his wife, author Polly Samson) and its awesome animated video that puts you right in the centre of its jazz club setting.

GET YOUR GUN – Black Book
This track by Danish duo Get Your Gun is an ominous behemoth of heavy stoner rock. Somewhat Satantic sounding, it’s five terrifying minutes that invokes images of devilish priests in cloaks and dark rooms getting ready to summon the most evil of spirits. The (mainly) black and white video isn’t too far off that mark, either…