Tracks Of The Week


Join us as we delve into rock’s biscuit barrel to grab a fistful of the tastiest musical highlights from the past seven days. There’s no Bourbons, though. They’re gone.

**GREAT COLLAPSE – Break In Case Of Emergency
**A boisterous and unforgiving diatribe from the political punk supergroup fronted by Strike Anywhere’s Thomas Barnett, this song charts the rise and rise of American imperialism over the past few decades and sticks a firm middle finger up at the country’s tyrannical and destructive military-industrial complex. A short, snappy and furious call to arms.

**The latest track from the Japanese quartet’s forthcoming fourth album, Vena, Gone is an insistent, fast-paced rush of clattering drums and soaring guitars that takes on the age-old subject of love gone wrong. Full of despair, it’s a huge tune that sees the four-piece up the ante in terms of scope and ambition.

PARKWAY DRIVE – Bottom Feeder
Bottom Feeder is boneshakingly heavy and intense, driven by frontman Winston McCall’s throat-shredding vocals and some truly rambunctious riffage. There’s even a rap thrown in for good measure, adding an extra dimension to this sinister, growling song. Their fifth album Ire is out in a week and you’d do well to check out why Metal Hammer have put the Aussie quintet on the cover of this month’s issue.

**RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE – Bulls On Parade (Live At Finsbury Park)
**Remember that time in 2009 when Rage Against The Machine took on Simon Cowell and Killing In The Name was that year’s Christmas number 1? Well, this awesome and incendiary clip is from the free live show they played the following year in honour of that achievement, taken from the forthcoming Live At Finsbury Park DVD.

**MEAT WAVE – Cosmic Zoo
**With a name like Meat Wave and a title like Cosmic Zoo, you’d probably expect this song to be a weird, semi-psychedelic blast of rock’n’roll – and that’s exactly what it is. Taken from their recently-released album, Delusion Moon, this playful but hard-hitting track demonstrates that the Chicago trio are a true force to be reckoned with.

**NIGHT BIRDS – Mutiny At Muscle Beach
**The video for this title track of the New Jersey surf-punk’s new album is probably the most gory music video you’ll see all week. Perhaps all year. Directed by up-and-coming horror filmmaker Chris LaMartina, it’s full of blood and violence and dismemberment. It’s all in good taste and good fun, but there’s no dount that this is, literally, a killer song.