Tracks Of The Week


Check out what, Metal Hammer and Classic Rock have been listening to during the past seven days, then vote for your favourite below!

VENNART – Infatuate There’s hints of Mike Patton, New Order and even the sumptuous soul pop of Go West – yes, but it works – in this taster from Mike Vennart’s forthcoming solo debut, The Demon Joke. A celestially-layered, fuzzed-up prog track which doesn’t linger on one motif for too long, Infatuate points to great things. Look out for his album on June 22.

**MUTOID MAN – Sweet Ivy **Like Black Sabbath’s own 1971 classic Sweet Leaf, Mutoid Man’s furious wig-out could well be a similar nod to a certain budded plant. What follows is a cyclical Tony Iommi style riff and unrelenting artillery-quick drumming from Converge sticksman Ben Koller. And, based on this three-minute jam, their forthcoming album Bleeder should be played loudly from a van with an awesome wizard paint job.

RAKETKANON – Ibrahim Now here’s Ghent quartet Raketkanon making their bid for Track Of The Week with two and a half minutes of unbridled chaos. Ibrahim, a track taken from their new album RKTKN#2, features a woozy surf guitar line which weaves its way through a maze of nonsensical yelps and ploughs headfirst into an ominous doom breakdown. We’re still getting our heads around it all, but by the power of two pints of Leffe, it’s good.


OVENIZER – Satan’s Washing Machine This may well be the greatest video we’ve ever seen. It features Ovenizer — great name! — playing Satan’s Washing Machine — great title! — deep in a snowy forest, surrounded by flame-twirling man-woman beasts. Even the drum kit is on fire… and yet the drummer plays on! They’re signed to Norwegian Pope Records, and we suspect they may have been ripped from the very bowels of the earth simply to perform for us.

VANT – Do You Know Me? This video was directed by photographer Steve Gullick, who made his name conjuring up magic from moody shots of Kurt Cobain, so he clearly knows a thing or two about making things look good in black and white. Vant will remind the listener of those heady days, coming on like Pixies tooling around with Nirvana on the way to Sugar’s house.

**GWYN ASHTON featuring DON AIREY – For Your Love **Welsh-Australian guitarist Ashton is from Adelaide, but relocated his carcass to the UK the best part of 20 years ago. Since then he’s played in trios with former members AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, but For Your Love comes across as the kind of thing that George Harrison might have come up with had he turned to lost rock legends Brainticket instead of Hari Krishna. Deep Purple’s Don Airey is on the Hammond organ. Groovy, man.


**PARADISE LOST – No Hope In Sight **Dom Lawson: “They’re one of the most important British metal bands of all time and, remarkably, they’re still evolving and still oozing class. The new album, The Plague Within, is both the strongest and the heaviest thing Paradise Lost have done in a long, long time. This is the opening track and it’s glorious.”

WE ARE HARLOT – Dancing On Nails Eleanor Goodman: “They’re playing the Golden Gods in June! Pass the whisky…”

**ACID KING – Silent Pictures **Alexander Milas: “Cosmic grooves from the San Francisco doom-kings.”


A virtual bunch of flowers and bottle of bubbly go to Royal Blood, after footage of them jamming Out Of The Black with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich proved to be last week’s runaway winner. Check it out below…


The winner will be revealed next week.