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Jesse Lacey of Brand New performs on the Homeaway Stage at Zilker Park on October 2, 2015 in Austin, Texas
Brand New
(Image: © Erika Goldring\/FilmMagic)

Here are six songs that have rocked our week like some sort of storm. Maybe a tropical cyclone, just like that Scorpions song, right?

Listen, enjoy and comment below…

THRICE – Black Honey
Thrice are back! After a four year hiatus, the shapeshifting, experimental rock four-piece from California have returned with this first track from forthcoming ninth album, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere. A gloomy and moody affair, it’s a relatively straightforward number for Thrice, but just as powerful and emotive as you’d expect. A welcome return.

BRAND NEW– I Am A Nightmare
Speaking of bands who haven’t made music for a while, here are Brand New with a brand new track. Presumably, it’s going to be on the long-awaited follow-up to 2009’s fourth album, Daisy, but who knows with these guys? What we do know is that this sounds a little bit like a scuzzed up, sped up version of early R.E.M. – and it’s pretty great, if poppier than we’d expected.

TRASH BOAT – How Selfish I Seem
In less than three minutes, this song from St Albans five-piece Trash Boat gathers up a whole bunch of hardcore, metal and pop-punk influences and blends them all together to create a delicious blend of catchy, aggressive noise. It’s the second single from their forthcoming debut, the tongue-twistingly awkward Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through.

The words ‘deathcore’ and ‘tender’ don’t get used in the same sentence together very often, but on this track – taken from their forthcoming sixth album, Mark Of The Blade – Knoxville six-piece Whitechapel have definitely injected a little bit of the latter into the former. Fear not, though – it’s still heavy as hell, with riffs and growls in spades.

Aggressive is an appropriate title for Beartooth’s second album, as much of it is driven by mainman Caleb Shomo’s anger at himself for previously allowing his depression to control him. That’s the main theme of this new single, which balances that very aggression and self-loathing with catchy hooks and an epic, soaring chorus.

TURNSTILE – Addicted
It’s a good thing that this new Turnstile song is only 73 seconds long, because the accompanying animated video – which has echoes of cartoonist Robert Crumb – is so trippy and surreal that any longer and it might just cause your head to explode. You’ll probably never look at a chicken drumstick in the same way again, either.

TeamRock's Tracks Of The Week