The best turntable deals right now


We’ve already told you what are the best budget turntables and the best turntables right now – but we haven't stopped there. We've combed all the top retailers to find you the best deals on turntables right now! 

Black Friday might change all this but, until then, whether you want to score yourself a bargain new deck for all those exciting boxset, limited editions and collector sets coming out for your Christmas wishlist, or you want to buy your vinyl enthusiast BFF a boss platter-spinner, we have combed the internet’s very best deals...

1. Audio Technica AT-LP60 USB

WAS £140.00

Bargain of the week! One of last year’s most highly-rated entry level turntables with the ability to convert your vinyl into digital files, it was described by Hi-Fi Choice as combining simple operation with a clean, balanced and organised sound with an excellent ease of use. So if you know someone who has an absolute bloody enormous vinyl collection and they want to spend Christmas in the shed converting the feckin lot into MP3s meaning you get to watch the best films on telly instead of interminable repeats of Crystal Palace matches from 1834 to the present, then REJOICE! For this is a worthwhile investment to get some me-time. 

2. Bluetooth with built-in speakers, FM radio, cassette player and USB

WAS £99.99

Yup, it's got no brand name. You could argue that something without a brand name is going to function better because the investment goes on the product not its marketing budget. Doubt it? Then check out the 100% five-star reviews from satisfied customers: “This device has many functions”. “The internal speakers are very adequate.” Powerful appraisals from the cream of British audiophiles. It’s the ideal gift for the person in your family who still hasn’t thrown away their Rush cassettes from the 1970s. That’s you, innit?View Deal

3. Retro design record player

WAS £142.99

It’s in a case. Which is “teal” coloured. Great for people who like things that fold away neatly and look like something else entirely. A conversation piece, if you will. “That’s a nice little case,” a visitor might say. “Ah, but it’s not a case… it’s actually a record player!” reveals the owner, triumphantly. Conversation ends, awardly. 

It also converts vinyl to digital files. “I am off to a wedding next week,” announces Jules, an Amazon ‘Top 500 Reviewer’. “I have decided to buy the blue model as a gift for my friend. I think it is a good purchase and has several useful features.” Listen to Jules. Jules know things. 500 things, apparently.View Deal

4. Pioneer PL-990

WAS £149.99

If there ever was a word to define the description of “sleek” in the entire record player industry, it would be this one. Sleek is a USP for the Pioneer company when you think about it. They don’t do bulky and cumbersome. You wouldn’t get a Pioneer turntable in a suitcase. That’s not sleek. Nor is it pioneering tbh. Pioneer products have to be sleek, that’s why they pioneer. They even do a range of computers for professional cyclists. Guess what the design is like? That’s right, sleek. But does sleek translate to a quality conveyance of audio? Damn right, it does. Your Cannibal Corpse albums will have never sounded sleeker.

5. Fluance RT80

WAS £299.99

The word confluence means the junction of where two rivers or waterways meet, but fluence means mystical hypnotic power. Put the two together and you have this record player. A convergence of mystical audio flow. Ideal for prog rock. A veritable bargain in glossy piano black, it’s a premium turntable at a bargain price. Impressive clarity, tone. Highly rated for its vibration damping – should you know any tap dancers looking for a new record player. View Deal

6. Denon DP-300F

WAS £299.99

The Denon DP-300F is highly rated by the boffins at TechRadar who work in the cupboard next to the Louder canteen. Take it away, TechRadar: "For the price, the Denon DP-300F is on par with other entry-level turntables in terms of performance but beats them in terms of features. While there are cheaper automatic turntables like the Audio Technica AT-LP60, the Denon offers a better tonearm and lets you swap out cartridges, which the Audio Technica doesn’t."

7. GPO Stylo Turntable

WAS £39.99

It’s 35 quid FFS. Safe to say it’s not going to be the most high-fidelity turntable on the market. But it is one of the cheapest. So it would be ideal in three situations. 

1) Buy it for someone who’s young and has spent their entire life listening to music through a mobile phone with all the low-end frequency of someone shaking ball-bearings in an empty tin can. They’ll be blown away by literally any kind of superior audio output. 

2) Buy it for your nan, who is pretty much deaf and just wants something cheap for playing her Perry Como and Max Bygraves singles (it even has a 78rpm speed). No point making a long-term investment. Think about it: she’ll be dead soon and you will inherit everything, so you’ll only be robbing yourself. 

3) Buy it for a festive party that you know is going to get particularly hectic, so you can successfully conclude the evening in rock’n’roll style by throwing it out of a window (whilst it’s still playing a Genesis album, ideally).View Deal

8. Sony PS-HX500

WAS £299.00

The Sony PS-HX500 is highly rated by the audiophiles at What HiFi? who work in the rabbit hutch next to the Louder wet bar. Take it away, What HiFi fellas: "Anything that keeps vinyl fresh and appealing is gold in our eyes, and the PS-HX500 is a good example of that. It's a best-of-both turntable that caters for record spinning and hi-res ripping, and to anyone torn between their affection for the nostalgia and tangibility of vinyl, and the convenience and practicality of digital. As always, performance is king, though, and in this instance, that only furthers the Sony’s likeability; while it’s not the classiest-looking turntable on the market, it has all the class in the sound suite instead. A very good buy."

9. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC

WAS £349.00

This has the most prog name in the history of all electronic audio equipment. Even including Bang & Olufsen. Its name doesn’t sound like a record player, it sounds like a space age flying motorcycle. What does Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC even mean? If you can stop your cacophony of verbiage for more than 10 seconds, we’ll explain. Pro-Ject is the name of the company. It’s Pro as is professional and Ject as in Jecting. Makes sense? It Pro-JECTS. As in it projects sound by throwing or moving it forwards. It’s literally the progressive moving forward of sound. Clear? Let’s move on, if you can keep up. It is called Debut because it was the first new model of turntable to emerge following the CD revolution. Essentially, it was at the forefront of the vinyl revival. In conclusion, its tonearm is carbon and it has a DC power supply. Happy now? We’ve now run out of space to detail its performance but it’s very good. Buy it.

10. Marantz TT5005

WAS £179.00

Saul Marantz was an American musician who founded the audio manufacturing company Marantz in 1948. Let’s work on the assumption that it’s good because if Marantz produced crappy, overpriced record players, they probably would have gone out of business before 70 years down the line. But if you want to get scientific, we’ll test it for you.

We’ve now tested it and we can assure you that it’s a good buy. Very compact, so ideal for someone without a lot of space. It features excellent performance with a well damped and undistorted sound quality even at higher volumes. At just over a ton, it’s a bargain. View Deal