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The best Bluetooth speaker deals for Christmas

Marshall speaker

Getting a hold of a quality Bluetooth speaker doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or organise an elaborate heist.

We've kept a watchful eye on the best online deals to give you a round up of some quality pieces of kit which won’t hit you hard in the pocket. What does that mean for you? More money to spend on other important things like music, gig tickets, merch and sweet amber refreshment.

Christmas is just around the corner and the offers are coming in thick and fast. We've collected the very best deals on Bluetooth speakers below, to help you find the best bargain.

Marshall Woburn Black bluetooth speaker 

Incredibly loud, and with an unmistakably iconic design, this skilled centrepiece wireless speaker balances Bluetooth, AirPlay, ChromeCast, Spotify Connect and multi-room. On release, TechRadar gave it a warm review but said the price was too high. But we've found it for cheaper!

Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker

Marshall Acton

If you're a fan of Marshall and rock iconography in general, you'll already notice its classic design, but the Acton is jam-packed with world-class engineering and a sound big enough to fill a room – no wonder we picked it as one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy right now.

It also includes a 3.5mm cable to hook up your phone or mp3 player and blast your favourite rock anthems at full pelt, scaring the neighbours in the process.

JBL Pulse 3 Bluetooth speaker

JBL Pulse 3

The JBL Pulse 3 is the perfect party speaker, packing tons of bass, 360 sound and its own light show. The 12-hour battery time will keep the tunes flowing long into the night, and it's waterproof in case you spill a beer or two.

Audio Pro Addon T3 portable bluetooth wireless Speaker

Product of the Year at the What Hi-Fi Awards 2015, it looks like a koala bear and sounds just as cute. Our friends at What Hi-Fi said: "We're unable to fault Audio Pro on this one. You'll need double the cash if you want something to fit in your pencil case and sound this good."

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

You don't always think of music when it comes to Amazon's personal assistant, but Alexa and her little Dot are brilliant for hands-free music listening. Whether you use it as a Bluetooth speaker and play Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music through her, or use Amazon's Music Unlimited service (now available for 99p a month), the sound is good for such a small speaker and the voice-control is handy, even if you're just telling her to change the volume or skip a track you don't like. 

Google Home

Google's answer to Amazon's Echo is Google Home, a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Use your voice to play music, get answers from Google and worry slightly about your sanity. Or maybe that's just us. Google Home works with Android and iOS, plays music, podcasts, news and radio and more. 

With eight hours of battery life, this Bluetooth speaker is available in four colours: blue, red, white and black. It handles bass well without distorting and offers crisp vocals. While a little light on features – although it'll announce the name of your device during the pairing process – this hand-sized Bose model still does the business. 

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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Shaped like a fat coffee mug, this rugged Bluetooth speaker is designed to cope with knocks and its IPX7 rating means it can float in shallow water for half an hour. If you have a like-minded friend who owns a Wonderboom, you can pair them together and raise the volume to arena show levels. Well, a fair bit, anyway. Great sound, fun design and at a penny shy of £65, what’s not to like?

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Ultimate Ears Roll 2

Built for the great outdoors, this lightweight speaker – lighter than a can of pop – comes with a marine-grade bungee cord so you can strap it to whatever you like. It’s waterproof, too, meaning you can submerge it for up to half an hour in water with depths of one metre. In short, if you’re a canoeist who needs crystal clear music on the go, this is the Bluetooth speaker for you. It’s also suitable for those who prefer dry land. 

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JBL Xtreme

With a shape similar to that battleship cannon in that Cher video, the splash-proof Xtreme offers a powerful punch. With a 15-hour battery life, it also offers connectivity to up to three smartphones or tablets. Perfect, then if you and two trusted friends want to embark on five-hour DJ sets at your next house party.

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B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen – Beoplay A1

Weighing in at just 600 grams – that’s almost the same as two human hearts – this beautifully-designed piece of Danish tech fits in the palm of your hand. A single charge of this splash-resistant, anodised aluminium powerhouse gives you 24 hours of battery life too. Perfect, if you want to listen to Ramones’ self-titled debut 48 and a bit times.

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The durable Bose Soundlink Revolve offers rich audio playback with ‘true 360-degree coverage’. You can also take calls via Siri or Google Now. But when the likes of Master Of Puppets is in full swing, that call can just wait, quite frankly.

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