TeamRock Tracks Of The Week


Is it August already? Damn, this year is just speeding by. Thankfully, the soundtrack to our 2014 continues to be a bit special...

Slipknot - The Negative One

No question about what the most talked-about new material of the week has been. 2014 promises to be a huge year for Slipknot, and after teasing us with all manner of weird and warped snatches of sound and vision, the Iowan behemoths finally unleashed this vicious little monster. It’s fair to say that expectations for the new album are building nicely. Check it out (audio only) on the band’s official site.

Lonely The Brave - All Is Full Of Love

And now for something completely different… As the countdown to the release of their debut album The Day’s War continues, Cambridge quintet Lonely The Brave show off their versatility and class with this rather beautiful take on Bjork’s All Is Full of Love.

Limp Bizkit - Endless Slaughter

Truthfully, we’re really not sure what to make of this next song. Limp Bizkit have always polarised opinion, but this is… actually what is this? Credit to Frederick D and the boys for attempting something different, but we’re still scratching our heads after hearing this one.

Adam Cohen - We Go Home

Let’s slow things down again, as y’all probably need a little lie down after that Bizkit, er ‘joint’. Adam Cohen has great DNA, excellent cheekbones and a gift for coating simple truths with honeyed melodies. There’s a lot more going on in this deceptively sweet song than one might first imagine. That “thirsty rose” he references here isn’t a flower you know…

You Me At Six - Room To Breathe

Set for release as a single on September 1, following the quintet’s main stage appearances at the Reading and Leeds festivals,_ Room To Breathe_ is YM@6 at their classiest and most controlled. It’s not hard to see how this lot ended up in arenas.

Opeth - Eternal Rains

Premiered on TeamRock Radio earlier this week, the latest taster from Opeth’s eagerly anticipated Pale Communion album is typically inventive, sophisticated and challenging, with a distinct 1970s progressive rock vibe. Right now, somewhere in a distant corner of the online universe, two men in black T-shirts are having an argument about whether or not this is “Metal”, forever…

Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire

In a Back To The Future style, let’s rewind 30 years and pretend you’ve just walked into a record shop and found a cool-looking album with an electric chair on the cover. You take the record up to the counter and ask the weird-looking fella behind the counter “Is this any good?” He reaches behind him with a smile and pulls a black vinyl disc from the shelves, places it on the shop’s record player and gently drops the needle on the record. And this is the first thing you hear. Can you IMAGINE how incredible that would feel? Happy 30th birthday Ride The Lightning.