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It’s Valentine’s Day on February 14 and love is most definitely in the air. Have you forgotten to get your beloved a romantic gift? Simply send them a link to this page, kick back and relax in the knowledge you’ve saved a few quid*.

**JOE BONAMASSA – TIGER IN YOUR TANK **Bonamassa’s upcoming live DVD, Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks, celebrates the legendary blues musicians Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf. Here, the New York fret masseur tackles the classic Tiger in Your Tank against the stunning backdrop of Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Here, he’s backed by a blues band who are tighter than your jeans after month-long pizza diet.

**ELECTRIC BOYS – IF ONLY SHE WAS LONELY **Storming guitars accompanied by a stomping beat are the dish of the day on the latest single from Sweden’s Electric Boys. A band heavily steeped in rock history, they’re once again smashing out grooves thicker than a bowl of Ikea meatballs, with heaps of vocals harmonies thrown over some timeless guitars on this choice cut from their latest album, Starflight United.

**LEGEND OF THE SEAGULLMEN – THE DEEP-SEA DIVER **What do you get when you mix Mastodon frontman Brent Hinds, Tool drummer Danny Carey, Off!’s Dimitri Coats and film director Jimmy Hayward? Well, you get Legend of the Seagullmen… of course. This proggy, tripped-out, cinematic epic of a song begins with a refrain straight out of a Morricone-soundtracked Spaghetti Western, before evolving into a musical hydra. They’ve only released two songs so far, but we can’t wait to see what else is in store from this twisted supergroup.

THE MENZINGERS – WHERE YOUR HEARTACHE EXISTS Last year, Pennsylvanian punk rockers The Menzingers transcended the genre with the release of their fantastic album, Rented World. Their heartfelt, raw and strikingly honest approach to songwriting has put them in a league of their own and Where Your Heartache Exists is a perfect example of these strands diverging. A driving bassline, melodic guitars and heart-wrenching vocals from Greg Barnett will have you itching to delve into their back catalogue in no time.

DRAGONFORCE – THREE HAMMERS Let’s finish off this week’s selection with some soaring power metal. Here’s DragonForce in full-flight at Loud Park festival in Tokyo with a live version of Three Hammers, which may or may not be about the right amount of metal magazines you’d need for a flight to Japan. Either way, it’s a tantalising taster for the forthcoming live concert film, In The Line of Fire, which hits the shops in July. Plus, check out frontman Marc Hudson speaking Japanese as though he has a Babel fish jammed in his ear. Very impressive.** **

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