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Join us as we make our weekly trip to the bountiful rock buffet with an open mind, an empty belly and the widest of plates.

**PIERCE THE VEIL – The Divine Zero **The first single to be taken from the San Diego foursome’s upcoming fourth as yet untitled studio album, The Divine Zero is a natural progression from their last release Collide with the Sky. Very little is known about the new record, other than that the band worked once again with producer Dan Korneff (My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach), and that fans have been waiting a bloody long time to hear it. Here’s the first taste…

**MAN OVERBOARD – Reality Check **Precision and passion are a deadly combination, and with their upcoming fourth record Heavy Love, New Jersey pop punkers Man Overboard appear to have married confessional, heartfelt lyrics with accomplished dynamics and even bigger hooks to create a sound that recalls their roots but at the same time hints at where their sights are set for the future. The album comes out June 30 through Rise Records, and based on this song, Reality Check could very well be their best effort thus far.

**EAGLES OF DEATH METAL – Complexity **This song began life as a single for Jesse Hughes’s solo project Boots Electric, and originally came out in 2011 on the album Honkey Kong. The Eagles adaptation isn’t all that different, save for an extended verse and some added guitar parts. But if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it, right? Complexity is a legitimate hit and it deserves more exposure than it got last time around: a sexy, simple, straightforward rock ‘n’ roll number, it’s sure to get you shakin’ your money-maker. Or, in layman’s terms, your arse.

**65DAYSOFSTATIC – Unmake The Wild Light **It ducks, it winds, it moves and it grooves; this is the kind of song that’s perfect for a late night drive along a long and winding country road. It’s ambient, atmospheric and, in terms of pure musicianship, it’s pretty awesome. You’ll find the studio version of this track on the band’s last album Wild Life, released back in 2013, but this session recording is a staunch reminder of how truly captivating these Sheffield math rockers are in the live setting.

**GUS G – Burn **Taken from his brand new solo album Brand New Revolution out July 24, Ozzy Osbourne’s axeman Gus G may not be reinventing the wheel with Burn. He did, however, promise this latest record would be “more up-tempo” and full of “heavier stuff” than his previous solo efforts, and on this track he appears to have made good on his word. Part-Black Sabbath, part-Gary Moore, and a little Michael Schenker thrown in for good measure, the sound is very much a some of its parts and is sure to leave fret enthusiasts hungry for more.

**FEAR FACTORY – Soul Hacker **Now on their ninth studio album, and countless other demos, remix records and EPs to boot, it’s safe to say at this stage in the game that American metal act Fear Factory are legends. They’ve evolved over the years to incorporate elements of industrial, death, thrash and groove metal, and outlived more scenes and trends than many of their contemporaries whilst retaining their own individual identity and sound. The question is, after over 25 years of making music, can they still cut it with the best of them? The answer, obviously, is yes. Soul Hacker has all the melody, aggression and groove that have always made Fear Factory great, and Genexus (out in August) already gets the thumbs up from us.

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