's Tracks Of The Week


TeamRock have spent the week preparing for our big move to a shiny new office. You could even say we’ve had a crate week. While members of the team displayed Herculean feats of strength or discovered music memorabilia that would get the Time Team giddy with joy, some of us were sniffing out some of the best new songs, especially for you. Heroic? Well, that’s not for us to say. Listen, enjoy and comment below.

**FOUR YEAR STRONG – We All Float Down Here **Earlier this week, the hirsute New England quartet offered up this tasty hors d’oeuvre from their forthcoming self-titled album. Guitarist Dan O’ Connor describes the lead single We All Float Down Here as a song to “jump to, sing to, and bang your head to” and we’re not going to argue. It’s got nothing to do with the fact he looks like a lumberjack who eats logs for lunch.

**BRAND NEW – New Song **The Long Island foursome are currently working on their follow-up to 2009’s Daisy and debuted this new punky, harder-edged track – tentatively titled Don’t Feel Anything – at Denver’s Filmore Auditorium on April 8. With little fanfare, they launched into their first new material in six years and caused their fans to momentarily forget their own mother’s name.

HARK – Palendromeda This Welsh trio are preparing to hit the road with Prong later this month, and to mark the occasion, they’ve made a video for this seismic track from their Crystalline album. Simply put, Palendromeda is the sound of the Black Mountains getting into a doomy ruck with a gang of particularly agitated thunderclouds. It’s the ramblers we feel sorry for.

**THE STORY SO FAR – Solo **Solo is the second single from the Walnut Creek quintet’s self-titled album due in May. It’s abrasive, fat-free and barely hits the three-minute mark and vocalist Parker Cannon is definitely not singing about Corellian smuggler Han.

**ANTI-FLAG – Fabled World **Taken from the forthcoming album American Spring, Fabled World sees the Pittsburgh punks unleash an aggressive diatribe against the Obama administration. It also boasts the sort of chorus that would be at home on the football terraces, if football fans were driven to shout about social injustice – rather than the referee being a short-sighted onanist.

**LIGHTNING BOLT – The Metal East **This Rhode Island duo’s new album Fantasy Empire has a much cleaner sound than their previous experiments in sonic tolerance – and, dare we say it, a hook. That’s not to say they’ve sold out. Not by any stretch. Basically, if you’re after bass-led skronk punctuated by a snare that makes Metallica’s St. Anger snare sound seem warm, then you will not be disappointed.