's Tracks Of The Week


This instalment of Tracks Of The Week features the return of a Titian firebrand, waves of hypnotic prog, thunderous space rock and a song by Tom Delonge. Listen, enjoy and comment below…

**FRANK CARTER AND THE RATTLESNAKES - Fangs **This is the first sample from the latest chapter in the musical life of the ex-Gallows vocalist, with his last band Pure Love presumably no longer a going concern; this new project goes for a more old-school vibe with a classic 50s rock ‘n’ roll band name and a tight-but-loose jam-room energy. Launching like Motörhead with a rare case of nervous angst, Carter’s clearly having a ball with his Rattlesnakes judging by the caustic joy in his voice.

HEIGHTS - Centrifuge The instrumental Berkshire prog trio have released a live-in-the-studio clip of this absorbing space jam from their upcoming album (with the ultimate prog title, Phantasia On The High Processions Of Sun, Moon And Countless Stars), premiering this week at the Prog website (where else?). Guitarist Al Heslop speaks of the track’s “cyclic riff” which was “partially inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey – it features a space station with a centrifugal design that simulates gravity, shot to mind-bending effect.”

**FAILURE - Hot Traveler **Nearly twenty years since the last album by bravely-named LA alt-rockers Failure, the boys are back with an early bid for feel-good hit of the summer. Indeed there are pleasing strains of QOTSA in Hot Traveler’s arid swagger, plus the odd melodic echo of Load-era Metallica, but it’s a great proving ground for the band’s rhythm section, audibly re-bonding with relish.

TOM DELONGE - New World The Blink-182 co-frontman’s position in the band is currently uncertain. He wouldn’t sign a contract precluding him from finishing other projects, but New World is powerful proof that he doesn’t need Blink anyway. Shot through with imploring melancholy and weighty resolve, the soaring emotional tone is sublimely nailed, while his voice has matured to a career peak.

SUPERHEAVEN - I’ve Been Bored Changing their name last year from Daylight, the Pennsylvanian grunge throwback quartet insisted “the music we write, the members we have, and the message we put forth remain unchanged.” That much is clear from the rumbling slacker stoner grooves of I’ve Been Bored, and the endearing found-footage-style video, in which the band find a hilariously low-budget alien in the woods and put on a gig for it. That’s nice.

TWENTY ONE PILOTS - Fairly Local The ‘schizophrenic pop’ duo from Ohio unsettlingly mash together a variety of moods and sounds on this brooding advance single from forthcoming album Blurryface. It’s (Very) loosely describable as urban gothic hip-hop with snatches of electro-dance from latter-day Britney Spears, subsumed in the morbid chill of early 90s industrial duo GGFH.

Which of these songs do you rate the most? Let us know in the comments section…