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It’s time for a round up of our tracks of the week from the virtual homes of TeamRock, Classic Rock, Prog and Metal Hammer…

**…AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD – Lie Without A Liar **The first …Trail Of Dead song to be written and sung by new boy Jamie Miller, who joined the Texan indie-math-alt-prog-whatever quartet in 2011, was inspired by Sigmund Freud’s The Ego And The Id. Not sure where that leaves the video, an oddly hypnotic story of inappropriate suburban sword retail.

KING PARROT – Like A Rat When Phil Anselmo loves a band, he doesn’t do things by halves. The workaholic frontman produced King Parrot’s latest album Dead Set at his own studio Nosferatu’s Lair, for release on his own Housecore label, and even turns up for a hilarious cameo in the video to this raging advance cut.

MASTODON – White Walker From the second instalment of HBO’s Game Of Thrones ‘mixtape’ – a multi-artist concept album inspired by the worlds of George RR Martin – Mastodon’s offering is this beautiful, pastoral acid-folk ode to the mythological undead wanderers, building to a blissful solo, with some of Brann’s all-time finest vocals.

SIGH – Out Of The Grave Quirky scampering black-thrash overlaid with 70s kids’ TV synths, offbeat choral harmonies, a saxophone possessed by the devil and a chamber orchestra going berserk? That’ll be Japan’s Sigh, proving with this tune and its frenetic, disorientating video that they’re still adept at fucking minds 25 years after their first demo. Warning: this video contains flashing images.

ANTHRAX – Soror Irrumator The legendary mosh machine are back in full-flight with their first original song for four years – which is a free download as part of theGame Of Thrones Mixtape Volume II. Scott Ian’s hardcore-infused stomp crunch is perfectly balanced against Joey Belladonna’s melodic rock vocal hooks, plus an attention-grabbing inaugural solo from new boy Jon Donais, which bodes well for the forthcoming ‘Thrax disc.

KILLER BE KILLED – Curb Crusher This heavyweight ode to a skateboard sees Max Cavalera, Troy Sanders, Greg Puciato and Dave Elitch in full pit-friendly headbanger mode, laying down primal concrete grooves with wide-eyed excitement and adolescent enthusiasm. “I look at Max and he kind of looks like a child again,” declared Puciato.

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE – Loyalty Blasting off with a royally heavy riff of cryptic lurching sludge-death reminiscent of Morbid Angel, KSE throw their staccato slam-grooves up against shoegazey cadences and an epic windswept chorus. The song – also from the Game Of Thrones mixtape – features vocals which journey from bleary-eyed emotional high-notes to spitting caustic fury, with a cheeky homage to Hetfield’s signature delivery in the bridge.

Here’s** what tickled CLASSIC ROCK**’s tympanic membrane this week…

**RAG’N’BONE MAN – Hard Came The Rain **Big-hearted soul n’ blues is the order of the day with Rag’n’Bone Man (Rory Graham to his mother). This beautiful beast of a track instantly became a favourite in the Classic Rock office – seducing everyone with its soft nuances and stomp-grooving blues rock riff. Oh, and Graham’s fabulous voice – sweet, sumptuous and mighty all at once.

**PALACE OF THE KING – No Chance In Hell **“Palace Of The King is literally like a huge ground shaking Palace of RIFFS, SOUL and Rock’n’Roll,” says Joel ‘Airbourne’ O’Keeffe. Sound suggestion, then, that this isn’t going to be a quiet affair. And he does have a point – these bluesy Aussie hard rockers do riffs, soul and rock’n’roll very well. Brandish your air guitars people.

GILL LANDRY – Funeral In My Heart A lovely shot of pretty, acoustically-rooted Americana. Louisiana-born singer, guitarist, storyteller, painter, photographer, hitch-hiker…OK the skills set on his press release is quite long, but still – Gill Landry effectively channels edges of Steve Earle, Bob Dylan and others in this quietly poetic piece. Lush.

**THE CRUNCH – Neon Madonna **You want punk pedigree? We got it. Mick Geggus (Cockney Rejects), Dave Tregunna (Sham 69 & Lords of the New Church), and Terry Chimes (The Clash) are all part of this spiky conglomerate, whose Neon Madonna comes from the band’s brand new Brand New Brand album.

WOLF ALICE – Giant Peach If you ever wondered what happened to “Big Keith” from The Office, he shows up here. Perhaps he’s been in all of Wolf Alice’s videos, but we weren’t paying attention. Either way, Giant Peach is the kind of krautrocky thing we’re contractually obliged to refer to as featuring a “moterik shuffle”.

**RAVEN – Destroy All Monsters **NWOBHM legends Raven celebrate their 41st year in the business of rock with the very thrashy Destroy All Monsters. We don’t know whether the song was named after the Detroit band or the Godzilla movie, but either way it’s an excellent addition to the athletic rockers’ rowdy repertoire.

THUNDER – Resurrection Day What can we say about Thunder that hasn’t been said before? Nothing. So we’re not even going to try. No, wait, we’ll try! Thunder are actually the secret identity of a group of five superheroes from the planet Huxxterryyyp 57. They live in a castle near Leicester, eat glass, juggle porpoises, and release new tracks only to keep the neighbours from getting suspicious.

WE ARE HARLOT – Never Turn Back “We all love guitar driven rock songs and that’s definitely where this one resides”, says We Are Harlot guitarist Jeff George, and by George, he’s right. Never Turn Back rocks like a truck. On a motorway. Going fast. At night. With a full tank of gas. Carrying explosives. Dangerous ones.

PROG took time to pay tribute to the late Gong man, Daveid Allen and cover stars Marillion…

**GONG – Oily Way ** From the band’s 2010 tour (with Steve Hillage in tow), a lovely reminder of the weird, crazy world of Daveid Allen and Gong,” says Prog Editor Jerry Ewing. “It also happens to be my favourite Gong track, too. The music world feels a little colder without wonderful mavericks like Allen around. R.I.P. you crazy pot-headed pixie you.”

MARILLION – Lavender “With the cover story of the new issue of Prog celebrating 30 years of Misplaced Childhood, there’s no better time to revisit this classic,” says Deputy Editor Hannah May Kilroy. “It’s also getting me excited for Ramblin’ Man Fair in July, as Marillion are headlining the Prog Stage!

HEDVIG MOLLESTAD TRIO – The New Judas “If you love your guitar sound channelled via Hendrix and Page’s broken amplifiers but performed by a guitarist wearing high heels and a party dress then look no further,” says Art Editor Russell Fairbrother. “This track is a little shorter than their normal fayre but what a starting point. It only takes under 3 minutes of your time but will stay with you forever.”

MUSE – Psycho “I just can’t get enough of Muse’s rocking new single Psycho,” says News Editor Natasha Scharf. “It’s been dividing fans with its no-nonsense riffs and Depeche Mode edge but just listen to Matt Bellamy reach those high notes! I’m seriously looking forward to hearing the album Drones._ _

TIGER MOTH TALES – A Visit To Chigwick “Magenta’s Rob Reed turned me on to this one. Tiger Moth Tales is the nom de prog of Peter Jones, a blind multi-instrumentalist who was on The X Factor a few years back,” says Reviews Editor Grant Moon. “Little could we have known that’d he’d come up with this thoroughly convincing concept album, full of neo touches, music hall moments; guitars, winds, piano, even melodica vying for your attention. Fun lyrics too (‘Songs about cheese/In three different keys/That were neither up nor down.’), and all apparently inspired by 70s children’s TV classic Trumpton. So, fancy A Visit To Chigwick?”

**jh – Next Time In **“Lovely highlight from this Londoner’s new anthology,” says Polly Glass. “It’s criminal that such gorgeous songwriting isn’t better known, but perhaps it makes him that bit more intriguing. Either way, he’s well worth your attention. Think Steven Wilson vocals, imagined by Eureka Machines and Genesis – pensive and extremely inviting.”

**DIATESSARON – Kitestrings **Canadian pop proggers feature in Prog 54’s Limelight section, and sound like Coheed And Cambria with a twist of pop.

And here’s** METAL HAMMER** to round things off with a slew of delicate, introspective ballads. As if…

ABIOTIC – Cast Into The Depths “A new and exciting addition to Florida’s inestimable death metal legacy, Abiotic are ultra-modernist tech-death virtuosos with the spirit of Chuck rampaging through their veins,” says Editor-at-Large Dom Lawson. “More importantly, they make me want to smash things.”

**KILLER BE KILLED – Wings Of Feather And Wax **“Genuinely one of the most exciting things to have happened in a very very long time,” says Art Editor Lewis Somerscales.

**SURRENDER THE COAST – Lost Souls **“Teeth-shattered metallic hardcore fury,” reckons Deputy Editor Merlin Alderslade. “YAAARGHH!”

**STONEGHOST – Faceless Ghost **Production Editor Vanessa Thorpe: “Love that groooooove! Bloody good, meaty metal.” Editor Alexander Milas adds: “Groove-laden, technically-brilliant metal metallic ferocity from London!”

**WHILE SHE SLEEPS – Our Legacy **“A triumphant tribute to life, living and bro-hood from the returning northerners,” says Features Editor Eleanor Goodman.

**BLACK PEAKS – Glass Built Castles **“Destructive, infectious and full of riffs guaranteed to get heads banging across the world,” writes Hammer Online Ed Luke Morton.

**ROYAL THUNDER – Forget You **“Not just rock ‘n’ roll, but an emotional weather system that leaves all your perceptions changed in it wake,” says Reviews/Subterranea Editor Jonathan Selzer.

Your chance to vote for our tracks of the week will return on Friday, March 27. **Muse **emerged as top dog in last week’s poll with their latest single, Psycho.