Soundtrack:'s Tracks Of The Week


As the weekend lurks ominously behind Friday’s broad shoulders, it’s time for’s Tracks Of The Week. Let’s take a look at the five songs that made our tympanic membrane vibrate like a fully-charged electric toothbrush.

The Dillinger Escape Plan x Jarren Benton


The New Jersey riff alchemists have teamed up with Jarren Benton on Rage, a track especially recorded for Converse’s latest CONS compilation. As you’d expect, the Georgia rapper’s vocal delivery weaves satisfyingly in and out of Ben Weinman’s harsh discordant zigzagger. A pleasant surprise in the dying moments of 2014.

Enter Shikari


In the lead up to the St. Albans quartet’s fourth studio The Mindsweep, we’ve had the genre skirmish of The Last Garrison and the bass-heavy ambience of Never Let Go Of The Microscope. This week saw the release of this brilliant animated video for _Slipshod _– an iTunes bonus album track. It might be early days, but all signs are pointing towards The Mindsweep as a contender for one of next year’s biggest albums.

Falling In Reverse

God, If You Are Above

After the divisive 2013 album, Fashionably Late, the Las Vegas four-piece have delivered a solid anthem in the flamboyant shape of God, If You Are Above. Band leader Ronnie Radke may be like Marmite, but this should keep his detractors quiet for three and a half minutes at least.

**Fall Out Boy **

The Kids Aren’t Alright

After hearing their last single, American Beauty / American Psycho, did your jaw go on an impromptu holiday to the Floor resort? While that song was utterly bonkers, The Kids Aren’t Alright shows that the pop-punk quartet haven’t quite lost the plot. This song burns with the efficacy of a well-stocked log fire. There’s whistling in it, too, which means its good to play around the holiday season.

**Marilyn Manson **

Deep Six

The Double M’s comeback single Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge may’ve given a sulky nod to the Pixies and Bowie, but Deep Six is an all-conquering piledriver of a single. We’re not sure why he’s wearing a pancake on his face, though. Nevertheless, all hail The Pale Emperor.