Prog's Tracks Of The Week

And here’s some music that various members of the Prog team have been grooving to this week…


Opeth -The Devil’s Orchard

As I’m headed up to Bloodstock this afternoon, it’s the thought of seeing Opeth again that’s really exciting me. A set of prog metal? Or more recent fare? I don’t mind, they’re always great. But I do have such a soft spot for this track from 2011’s Heritage


Messenger - The Return

After seeing these lovely lads at Ramblin Man Fair the other weekend I’ve had their debut on repeat. Watching their delightful psychedelic sounds in the sunshine really was a treat. And a little bird told me they’ll be working on new music very soon…


Tim Bowness - Great Electric Teenage Dream

So the news that Tim Bowness’s new album charted well in the UK album charts was probably one of Tim’s teenage dreams. Here is his Great Electric Teenage Dream taken from the album Stupid Things That Mean The World. As with all Tim’s songs it has great lyrical content, both wistful and biting and the intense brooding build up to the song’s denouement helps encapsulate the rising frustration of a musician plying his trade in the new digital downloadable world that seems somehow smaller than the music realm of the past.


Riverside - Discard Your Fear

Riverside were one of my favourite acts at last weekend’s Ramblin’ Man Fair and their new single has been getting a lot of repeat listens! Discard Your Fear sounds like a glorious mix of Violator-era Depeche Mode, Talk Talk and Tears For Fears with plenty of the band’s trademark progressive nuances. If you want to hear more, their new album Love, Fear And The Time Machine is out through InsideOut at the beginning of September. Can’t wait!


Grand Tour - Time Runs Out

For an explosion of traditional neo-prog, look no further than Heavy On The Beach, the first long player from Scotland’s Grand Tour. Led by keyboardist/writer Hew Montgomery (formerly of Abel Ganz), the band present a brilliantly evocative, sweeping and unabashedly literal set, inspired by the apocalyptic 1959 thriller On The Beach. Nothing like a little nuclear-age paranoia to get the creative juices flowing..


Mike Oldfield - Moonlight Shadow

When listening to the new Moonlight Shadow cover by Blackmore’s Night this week I was reminded of some of my earliest childhood memories listening to Mike Oldfield in my mum’s car. I loved the song back then and I still enjoy it today. Maggie Reilly’s soothing voice and the folky rhythms make it a great song then, now and probably forever…


Troyka - Rarebit

Described in the new issue as “Egg meeting the Aphex Twin at the Blue Boar services, hatching a plan to alter the course of jazz”, little wonder we put the band in the Limelight section of the band this issue…

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