Heavy Metal Halloween: Oderus Urungus


Halloween is tonight, you dick! Why haven't you sorted a costume yet?! You're lucky we've put together this plan on action for making an Oderus Urungus costume using general household items (depending on your house...).

What You’ll Need

Cabbage Two ice cream cones (without the ice cream) Two bicycle helmets Two spades Two two-litre bottles of Coke A load of drawing pins A brown bath mat Two plastic skeleton masks A rubber pig’s nose A strap-on dildo Black tights Silver spray paint A pair of novelty monster feet slippers

What You’ll Need To Do

Cut the tops and bottoms off the two bottles of Coke and spray them silver Stick a load of upturned drawing pins to them (for spikes, innit) Put them over your forearms Sellotape the brown bath mat to your chest Stick the two helmets over your shoulders Strap the two spades to your back so that they protrude out of your shoulders Stick the pig nose on Stick the cones on your head Glue a load of cabbage to your face Put the black tights on Pop on the strap-on Strap the two plastic skeleton masks to your knees Put the novelty slippers on Stomp around the place talking bollocks and screaming Be amazing

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