Heavy Metal Halloween: King Diamond


What do you mean you still don't have a costume sorted? Halloween is next week! Surely you've already carved the pumpkin, planned the tricks, bought the treats and... oh who the hell are we kidding. You're leaving it 'til last minute again. Well luckily we've got you covered for costume ideas with this King Diamond outfit!

What You’ll Need A hat (from a charity shop) Tipp-Ex A black marker pen Some black jeans Some army boots An old black blazer (use your Sixth Form one) A black polo neck A cross necklace

What You’ll Need To Do Cover your entire face with Tipp-Ex Draw upside-down crosses all over it with the black marker Put on the black jeans and the black polo neck Then force on your too-small blazer Put the necklace on (these can be found for cheap in Argos) Stick your tongue out and scream a lot

There you have it – you’re now King Diamond!

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