Heavy Metal Halloween: Gene Simmons


Halloween is coming up, isn't it? And you'll want to dress up, won't you? You'll want to look the best, won't you? But you don't have any money, do you? DO NOT WORRY, whatever you do, because Metal Hammer is here to help. Over the coming days we're going to be giving you our suggestions for some cheap-as-chips metal costumes that'll blow your mate's poxy Power Rangers morphsuit out the water. First up, Gene Simmons from Kiss.

What You’ll Need

Black paint Silver paint Three feather dusters Some knee-pads Some ice-cream cones Two 2-litre bottles of Coke Six paper plates Some Y-fronts A black T-shirt A garden trowel Some black tights Some tin foil Some novelty alligator slippers

**What You’ll Need To Do **Paint the palms of your hands black and then print them immediately onto your face Paint the feather dusters black and glue two to the sides of your head and one to the top Glue the ice cream cones upside down onto the knee-pads and wrap them around your shoulders Cut the top and bottom off your Coke bottles Paint them silver and place them over your forearms Paint the paper plates silver and arrange them over your chest and stomach Put the Y-fronts on (you pervert), and the black t-shirt Place the trowel over your crotch area Don the black tights (actually, probably best to do this before you put the Y-fronts on) Wrap the tin foil around the bottom half of both legs and pop the alligator slippers on

There you have it – you’re now Gene Simmons!