Heavy Metal Halloween: Fred Durst


It's only a week to go before the biggest night of drunken dressing up of the year. And if you're like us, you're nowhere near ready. So why not try the Fred Durst look this year? It's pretty straight-forward...

What You’ll Need

A red fitted New York Yankees baseball cap Some Adidas Shell Tops A crotch A kazoo A mate who’s willing to take the ‘fancy dress’ theme to extremes And ATTITUDE (lots of it)

What You’ll Need To Do

Put the hat on, BUT MAKE SURE IT’S FACING BACKWARDS Put on your Adidas Shell Tops, it doesn’t really matter if you’re not wearing anything else – people will get the idea Grab your crotch a lot Rap through your kazoo so your voice sounds all high and weird Hang out with your mate who has a way better costume than you