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Father's Day Special: Watch Cliff Burton's dad on what it's like being the father of a metal legend

Metallica's cliff burton
(Image credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty)

Here's one for all you metal dads this Father's Day. Mark Agnesi of Gibson guitars has done a new interview with Ray Burton, father of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, to look back at Cliff's early years and to ask what it's like to watch your son become a metal star.

Ray recounts how the death of Cliff's elder brother Scott – who died aged 16 in 1975, after a brain aneurysm – seemed to drive Cliff to play the bass at age 13, practising up to six hours per day.

“Cliff knew what he wanted to do and went out and did it,” says Ray Burton. “How could you not support a child who has that initiative already in their system and wanting to learn an occupation like that? 

"He wasn’t just a good musician, he was an exceptionable human being," says Ray. "Look at your kids as a treasure that you treat with love. Encourage them as much as you can and help them. Encourage them without being demanding. Allow them to be themselves and be kind to them.”

Watch the full video below:

Metaliica's current world tour continues tonight on Brussels.