Al Jourgensen's predictions for 2018

Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen

Al Jourgensen isn’t afraid of sharing his opinions. From drugs to politics, the Ministry mouthpiece is more than ready to spread his often liberal messages around the world. And as we enter a new year, ol’ Uncle Al has some predictions for 2018 – mainly what it means for the United States and its political climate.

“The way that our society and politics has fallen into its current rut is akin to having a boil or a pimple on you that’s aggravating,” says Al. “It’s ugly, it doesn’t look good and it doesn’t belong there.”

He goes on to say that 2018 is the year we finally pop the pimple and remove the pus of 2016 and 2017.

But it’s not a quick fix, Al admits that we’re going to witness “giant political upheaval” and “geopolitical stress” over the next 12 months, stating that 2018 will be rough but necessary for the progression of the human race.

Al also shares his thoughts on Christians waiting for the end times and the death of the two-party system in America.

Ministry’s new album AmeriKKKant is out March 9 via Nuclear Blast, and available to pre-order now.

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